Atlanta Falcons Drumline 
Operated by Marching To Harmony Inc. 


Audition Criteria

  • ​You will be required to record yourself performing 6 different Atlanta Falcons cadences on your electronic device. If you are unfamiliar with the 6 different Atlanta Falcons cadences, you may view.  Click Here >

  • Once you are comfortable with performing the cadences, record yourself on your device performing each Atlanta Falcons Audition Video

  • Click the Submit Video Audition Link

  • Upload each video, and complete your submission.



Please be sure to review the audition requirements before submitting your audition video. You will be adjudicated on the recorded video required for you to submit. Please note further steps after your submission may be required by staff members upon receiving your acceptance to the drumline .

Instrumentation includes:

  • Cymbal

  • Snare

  • Tenor (Traditional)

  • Multi-Tenor (Sextet)

  • Bass Drum

  • Drummajors