How many schools can I audition for?

With NoteCloud Network™ you can post an unlimited number of audition videos to an unlimited number of scolleges within NoteCloud's vast network.

Where can I go to find more information about FAFSA?

For more information about FAFSA, visit their website and check out the U.S. Department of Education's blog post, Top 5 FAFSA FAQs.

What is the difference between Youtube™ and NoteCloud Network™?

Youtube allows students to upload their video for free and college recruiters get to view them in an unorganized, tedious, frustrating process. NoteCloud allows you to connect to ALL students at once, while having an exclusive platform to promote and advertise your program. NoteCloud is available for purchase with monthly, yearly, or quarterly rates.

Who is NoteCloud Network™ for?

NoteCloud Network is for colleges who are looking to expand their recruiting network. It is also for students who do not currently have contact / connections with a large number of diverse colleges and universities. Submitting a NoteCloud Network™ application allows performing art students to instantly connect with a large number of colleges all at once in one location. Essentially, what you are paying for with NoteCloud Network™ is introductions to new colleges that you didn’t already know.

How do NoteCloud Colleges use NoteCloud Network™?

NoteCloud Network™ allows students to instantly connect and upload audition videos to an unlimited number of NoteCloud colleges of their choosing. These colleges may choose to reach out to a student and request to have them interview online through Google Hangouts. NoteCloud Network™ can expand a college's reach and number of connections from both the student side and the college side.

How long has NoteCloud Network ™ been around?

NoteCloud Network has been around since 2011.

How does NoteCloud™ help me to recruitment more students?

NoteCloud™ affords you instant access to all NoteCloud connected schools and universitie. These new connections allow you to post all of your requirements to all of NoteCloud communities across hundreds of thousands of students across 18 states, instantly expanding your reach from a few connections to hundreds.

How does the audition process work?

All auditions within NoteCloud™ must first be taken seriously. All requirements must be As such, the process goes as follows: 1. Students first need to review audition requirements provided on the college profile. 2. Once requirements have been reviewed, record yourself then upload your video. 3. The college recruiter will then review your video audition. 4. When they view your video, a college recruiter will submit your results in a direct message.

How do I create my NoteCloud account?

It’s a simple process to create your account. Simply click on the Create Account button, then enter your email address and a password of choice. Make sure you use an email address that you check frequently, as this email address becomes your username. We will also need to communicate with you about the status of your application, so you’ll want to receive these notices from an email account that you use frequently. Remember to make note of your password, and keep that reminder handy (since you’ll need to log in each time you access NoteCloud Network). If you lose your login information, our Support team is always here to help.


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