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Together We Will Choose The Best.


"NoteCloud Network is a recruitment tool for colleges used for viewing prospective students. We strive to bridge the gap of music education, to insure that every student has the equal opportunity to receive a quality education. We don't just believe in opportunities, We believe in the right opportunity.” 

Erin C. Robinson | Founder & CEO, NoteCloud

Become A Member

Membership in NoteCloud Network is open to colleges , professional organizations and non profits that share our mission of advancing college audition access. In addition, all members must meet the following institutional terms.

Your institution must be:

  • Not-For-Profit

  • Undergraduate degree-granting

  • Accredited by a regional accrediting association (if inside the United States)

  • A member of the Council of International Schools (if outside the United States)

  • Committed to the pursuit of equity and integrity in the college admission process

For more information about requirements, pricing, and the implementation process, please contact our team at

Instructions on Becoming a Member!

NoteCloud Network's current community of members is a broad diverse group of colleges and universities from around the globe.


Yet, this wide range of institutions are united by a shared commitment , to allow every student to have the equal opportunity to audition for a scholarship or position online.