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School of Drama at The New School is a multidisciplinary training program for theater arts, located at 151 Bank Street, and 55 West 13th Street New York City part of The New School's College of Performing Arts.

The BFA in Dramatic Arts is a multidisciplinary, studio driven program that combines courses in acting, writing, directing, aesthetic inquiry, and creative technologies. Through artistic training and project-based learning in various media, the students learn the skills of collaboration and artistic choice-making. They are then offered an array of electives in these different disciplines. The students may choose a focus, and utilize these electives to concentrate their study on a specific discipline. Students may also use electives to take a variety of different classes for a variety of theatrical disciplines.


Professional Training

The professional training provided by the program includes foundational courses, theater electives, general electives, research methods studios, reflective learning opportunities, performance and production opportunities, and a collaborative capstone experience.


Global Perspectives

BFA students make connections between concept and practice, and gain an increased familiarity with the works and intentions of playwrights, directors, and performers in both the Western and non-Western worlds.

Video Overview


Please be sure to review the music below before submitting your audition video. Please note further steps after this submission may be required such as sight reading. You will be adjudicated on the recorded video required for you to submit. Confifence and professionalism is strongly encouaged.

Instruments Includes:

  • Flute

  • Oboe

  • Clarinet

  • Tenor Sax

  • Alto-Sax

  • Basson

  • Trumpet

  • Horn in F

  • Tuba

  • Percussion



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